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Published on 11 July 2024

DT Global Team in Ukraine to Participate in the Country's Reconstruction Efforts

DT Global Europe’s Managing Director, María Garrón, visited Ukraine as part of a business mission organized by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry to contribute to the country’s ongoing reconstruction efforts.

During their two-day visit, María, along with Gianmattia Lobina, DT Global Europe’s Director of Business Development, met with representatives from Ukrainian institutions and Spanish companies operating in the country as Ortoespaña and Typsa. The visit marked the fourth in a series of initiatives under the Intergovernmental Commission on Economic and Industrial Cooperation between Spain and Ukraine.

“DT Global continues to provide its extensive network of experts and its experience in supporting Ukraine's integration into the EU, as well as working on the process of reforming the country's legal framework in various sectors," says María Garrón.

Currently, we are implementing two significant projects in Ukraine. The first is the Support for Urban Road Safety Implementation project, which is contributing to the Ukrainian National Transport Strategy 2030, the National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS), and the Road Safety Programme (RSP) promoted by the Ukrainian government.

Furthermore, through the second project, EU4 Independent Media (EU4IM), we are supporting the crucial role of independent media in countering Russian propaganda in the current context. This effort is crucial and essential for Ukraine’s reconstruction, as independent media serves as a guardian of public interest.

The EU4IM program continues to play a pivotal role in democratizing and empowering citizens in Ukraine and Eastern Europe by enhancing the quality and diversity of accessible information. This includes funding content production, journalist training, and regional networking. By providing support and tools to managers of independent, commercial, and mission-driven media, we ensure the long-term financial viability of media outlets. Additionally, webinars are being utilized to train managers and journalists on risk assessment and digital security in active conflict zones.

DT Global, alongside the mission organizers, aims to support a country with such remarkable resilience. We are committed to actively contributing to reforms across various sectors, including governance, public financial management, agriculture, economic development, trade, infrastructure, and energy.