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Published on 1 May 2024

DT Global leads the launch of CONSULTED, an innovative initiative of 15 Spanish companies

We are proud to share the launch of CONSULTED, a Spanish non-profit organization chaired by our Managing Director for Europe María Garrón. CONSULTED is focused on enabling international development companies to support the role of the private sector in sustainable development.

“We know that the private sector and public-private partnerships are necessary components of sustainable development,” said María. “Collaboration to ensure that financial resources are coupled with technical expertise can drive meaningful change for communities that need it most.”

CONSULTED is made up of 15 Spanish companies directly involved in development cooperation, representing over 300 million Euros in activity, and employing more than 1,000 professionals directly and more than 3,000 indirectly. These companies all have a strong commitment to social, environmental, and economic sustainability, and are dedicated to improving the living conditions of most vulnerable across the world.

DT Global Europe’s work with CONSULTED will strengthen the role of private enterprises in cooperation and public-private collaboration to achieve more efficient and sustainable objectives.

The launch event, hosted by the European Union delegation in Madrid, welcomed esteemed guests including Fabienne Michaux, Director of UNDP SDG Impact, Antón Leis Garcia, Director of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID), representatives from the European Investment Bank and European Commission, and representatives from the 15 partner organizations.

Through CONSULTED's work, international development companies and private sector entities will exchange, disseminate, and generate knowledge in the field of development cooperation and UN Sustainable Development Goals. DT Global is proud to lead this exciting initiative that will enhance cooperation between the public and private sectors to build lasting positive change for developing countries and communities across the world.