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Latin America: Fostering Triangular Cooperation 2

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ADELANTE 2: Technical Assistance, Logistics and Institutional Support, Communication and Visibility

2021 - 2024
Client: European Commission

ADELANTE 2 pursues the fulfillment of the Agenda 2030 through strengthened regional cooperation initiatives. By offering innovative and tailored cooperation, ADELANTE 2 aims to jointly tackle key development challenges in Latin American Countries (LAC) while promoting Triangular Cooperation as an innovative tool.


DT Global will support the sound management, implementation, and follow-up of the ADELANTE Program (including support to ongoing projects in their initial phase and to projects still to be contracted under the second phase, ADELANTE 2). We will do so by providing technical assistance, expertise, and appropriate Communication and Visibility aspects of the program.

In order to do so, DT Global will create a rapid response mechanism (with the platform hosted on ADELANTE’s website) for triangular proposals submitted by different actors.

Finally, DT Global will support the management of international cooperation, in partnership with countries, by providing technical assistance and specific trainings.


ADALANTE 2 aims to achieve the following results:

  • Result 1: Create and maintain a rapid response mechanism through ADELANTE’s website for compiling triangular proposals (activities, initiatives, and actions).
  • Result 2: Support the sound management and implementation of the Facility (including the projects to be funded by ADELANTE 2 in its component 3) and existing projects from the first phase) in collaboration with EU Delegations, DG DEVCO, and partners.
  • Result 3: Improve technical capacities of LAC countries’ key stakeholders in implementing SDGs policies through logistical support.
  • Result 4: Provide technical assistance to strengthen LAC development cooperation agencies networks and coordination mechanisms.
  • Result 5: Maintain Communication and Visibility through ADELANTE’s existing social media and networks, and carry out activities to ensure a wide and efficient promotion and dissemination of information about the Facility.


Effective Governance
Independent Media
Free and Fair Elections