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Latin America: Triangular Cooperation

ADELANTE: EU-LAC Triangular Cooperation


ADELANTE is the European Union's flagship programme for Triangular Cooperation. While DT Global's Technical Assistance didn’t start until 2017, ADELANTE launched in 2015 with a budget of €10 million, seeking to foster horizontal relations between Latin American and Caribbean countries, as well as between these countries and Europe. Ultimately, the project aimed to foster the exchange of knowledge while also harnessing the capacity of all partners to provide solutions for sustainable development. ADELANTE is committed to Triangular Cooperation as an innovative partnership modality.


In 2016, ADELANTE launched a call for grants, which resulted in the co-financing of eight projects throughout different thematic areas. The initiative involved 93 organisations with a wide array of stakeholders coming from 22 countries in Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Together, these projects provided a strong contribution to the 2030 Agenda, together with a great number of lessons learned, best practices, and success stories. This achievement is evidence in itself of the added value of Triangular Cooperation in all environments, solidifying its vital role in efficient sustainable development programming.

In order to support the EU’s triangular co-operation, ADELANTE undertook a variety of activities, including:

  • Contributing to the scale-up of the application of policies that have been effective for some countries in the region.
  • Facilitating regional exchanges aimed at identifying shared solutions to the problems of development and social exclusion.
  • Allowing renewed partnerships with many middle-income countries that were once beneficiaries and are now providers of assistance.
  • Establishing an implementation channel for development co-operation, which is not an end in itself but a tool to deliver the SDGs.

Goals and Results

DT Global's Technical Assistance team has broad knowledge and experience in international development cooperation and, in particular, in sustainable development, Triangular Cooperation, Rights-Based Approach, cross-cutting approaches, technical and financial management of projects, communication and visibility, and knowledge management. The Technical Assistance team has been tasked with contributing decisively to the quality of each of the eight projects throughout their management cycles. DT Global's plays a critical role in:

  • Implementation of the eight projects
  • Analysis regarding the alignment with the 2030 Agenda
  • Knowledge management
  • Strategic dialogue with the main actors of triangular cooperation in the region
2017 - 2020
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European Commission
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