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Lao PDR: Improving Education Sector Governance and Financing

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Technical Assistance to Support the Implementation of the Education and Sport Sector Development Plan (ESSDP2021-2025)” in Vientiane, Lao PDR

2021 - 2024
Client: European Commission
Implemented by: DT Global Europe

The project aims to improve the education sector governance and financing, with a link to the Public Financial Management Reform, public administration reform, and nutrition and education. It supports the achievement of the Unite Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 “Equitable Access to quality education and improving learning outcomes for primary and secondary students” in Lao PDR.


DT Global is working to improve the Lao PDR Ministry of Education and Sports capacity in planning and budgeting through the Education Planning and Management Training Programme (ESP). The aim of this project is to create an effective link between planning and budgeting through the revision of the capacity development plan for education managers and administrators. The project also provides technical support to ESP training for education managers and administrators from central, provincial, and district levels. Finally, the project delivers overseas short and advanced training courses for ESP core trainers and experience sharing and exchange with ASEAN countries.


The goals of the project include:

  • Result 1: Effectively enhance institutional capacities of Ministry of Education and Sports, Provincial Education and Sports Services, and District Education and Sport Bureaus in strategic budgeting linking to effective planning and ensuring fiscally realistic planning and strategic budgeting.

  • Result 2: Enhance the Ministry of Education and Sports institutional capacity to effectively implement the national Public Financial Management reform agenda, including delivering capacity building, providing technical advisory support to the Department of Finance fo the Ministry, reviewing budgeting tools, and assisting on frameworks for new charts of accounts and budget classifications.

  • Result 3: Enhance the Ministry of Education and Sports institutional capacity in human resources management in the context of public administration reform through civil servant reform, training and planning support, and reviewing job descriptions and proposing realignments.

  • Result 4: Support other key education reforms and strengthen education sector policy coordination/dialogue including supporting appraisal processes for policy, promoting exchange programmes and teacher training, and technical and administrative support to policy dialogue.


Effective Governance
Independent Media
Free and Fair Elections

Human Development

Gender and Social Inclusion
Education and Employment
Health and Nutrition