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Malawi: Providing Fiscal and Procurement Services

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Support to a Range of Donors in Malawi

Implemented by: Cardno International Development

Cardno International Development, a DT Global Company (Cardno ID), provides fiscal and procurement services in Malawi to safeguard funds provided by donors to the Government of Malawi, improve transparency in the procurement and accounting process, and ensure value for money in the implementation of the program activities. Additionally, emphasis is put on capacity building and system strengthening to better equip the Government of Malawi to manage and implement programs. Through these projects, Cardno ID has provided oversight and management of more than $850 million in grant funds and helped ensure that these funds have had the greatest possible impact on the people of Malawi.


Cardno ID’s fiscal and procurement agent teams works in close collaboration with counterparts at government and quasi government entities that are responsible for implementation of the donor funded programs. Assessment of existing systems, processes and capacities informs that need for technical support and implementation of updated and improved systems and processes.


Program results include:

  • Developed and refined tools and processes that can be adapted to the specific needs of the client.
  • Managed setup and customization of complete accounting packages, assessment tools, standard manuals and operating procedures, various templates, training tools, and more.


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