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Honduras: Supporting the Reform of the National Registry of Persons'

Technical Assistance to the Support for the Reform of the National Registry of Persons Project


Over the course of its history, Honduras has experienced jeopardized electoral processes, along with a difficult economic situation generated by the effects of the high external debt and the polarized political scene.

Recently, the international community monitored the country’s electoral processes and assessed the excessive involvement of the National Registry of persons (NPR - responsible for the elaboration of the National Electoral Census). Electoral observation also pointed out the partisanship and politicization related to the distribution of managerial and operational positions. These are factors that, added to other socio-economic problems present in Honduras, drive the deterioration of the nation’s image and credibility, leading it into what some might call 'an institutional crisis.'


Honduras’ Country Vision 2010-2038 conceives of a socially, economically, and politically inclusive Honduran society, stemming from a solid political system that respects the equal rights and duties of all Honduran citizens. The Government’s strategy aims to reinforce the principle of "Respect for the Dignity of the Human Person" as the axis of all public policies. It also strives to link such concept to human development as an essential step to access basic opportunities, such as long and healthy life, political freedom, education, and access to resources necessary for a good quality of life.

The Government’s strategy starts by improving its transparency and citizen reliability on democracy values, election system, and access to public goods. The program facilitates this by strengthening the capacity of the National Register of Persons (NPR) in charge of natural persons’ civil status registration and delivery of citizen identification documents. This is key in order to ensure voter registration and a fair process in the preparation of the National Electoral Census, particularly in the pre-presidential elections scenario, which is set for November 2021.

Goals and Results

The program has three clear goals:

  • To provide technical assistance to the NPR, which plays a crucial role in the provision of information to the National Electoral Council for the preparation of the National Electoral Census, particularly in the pre-presidential elections time leading up to November 2021.
  • To advise on activities related to the implementation of the Institutional Strategic Plan (ISP) 2020-2024 at local and national levels, increasing accountability of public services and good governance in the process.
  • To manage and implement a major communication and visibility component to support the EU in the promotion of human and civil rights towards achieving the full development of Honduran people.
2021 - 2025
Implemented by
DT Global Europe
European Commission
Technical Areas
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