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Nepal: Support to Major Electricity Transmission Infrastructure

Nepal Compact


Most of Nepal's electricity grid has evolved in a piecemeal way, with electricity generation mainly coming from hydroelectric projects located in remote valleys scattered throughout the mountains. The country lacks major connectivity in the grid, and as a result, the supply of power to major centers remains limited.


Under this project, DT Global will help design and construct the core part of the national grid, including three new substations and 300 km of 400,000-volt transmission lines. DT Global’s specific role is in supporting the environmental and social safeguards. With high economic values attached to agricultural land and high environmental values attached to the remaining forests, determining and safeguarding optimal locations and routes requires considerable investigation and careful assessment.

Goals and Results

Goals and results for this project include:

  • A comprehensive Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) has been devised for the project implementation entity (Millennium Challenge Account – Nepal).
  • Within the ESMS, guidance and support has been provided for an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment process to cover national Nepalese legislation and the international guidelines set in the IFC Performance Standards.
  • The resettlement and other social safeguards systems have been guided to international standards.
  • Practical Environmental and Social Management Plans have also been devised in line with the ESMS.
2016 - 2021
Implemented by
DT Global Asia Pacific
Millennium Challenge Corporation
Sub-Technical Areas
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