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Global: Assessing UNFPA’s Capacity for Humanitarian Assistance Data

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UNFPA Baseline & Evaluability Assessment on Generation, Provision, and Utilization of Data in Humanitarian Assistance

2021 - 2022
Client: UNFPA
Implemented by: DT Global US

The purpose of this baseline study and evaluability assessment was to take stock of the strategic positioning of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) in the field of data for humanitarian assistance. The study will be used to inform the scope and overall approach of the forthcoming evaluation of UNFPA support to the generation, analysis, dissemination, and utilization of data in humanitarian assistance.


The scope of this assessment had three dimensions: 1) Geographic: A global assessment and six country case studies; 2) Thematic: All types of humanitarian settings/contexts to which UNFPA contributes or has contributed a response; and 3) Temporal: The assessment covered the 2010 to 2021 period, specifically from the publishing of the UNFPA Guidelines on Data Issues in Humanitarian Crisis Situation.


DT Global provided, via primary and secondary research of all UNFPA humanitarian operations globally, a comprehensive mapping of UNFPA’s strategies, programs, interventions, and partners in humanitarian data. It also reviewed UNFPA’s existing structures, systems, and processes in the field of data for humanitarian assistance to identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential gaps.

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