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Global: Rapid Landscaping Assessment of UNHCR'S Data Governance Systems

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UNHCR Data Governance Landscaping

2021 - 2022
Client: UNHCR
Implemented by: DT Global US

The UN Human Rights Commission’s (UNHCR) strategic and tactical use of information is important to fulfill its mission to protect refugees, returnees, and stateless people. Accurate, complete, and timely data can help UNHCR to make decisions and allocate resources, but as more and more data is produced, managing data becomes more and more important. Currently, UNCHR data is managed across a number of different information systems and a more streamlined approach would help fulfill UNHCR’s mission. The Data Governance Landscaping analysis assessed the existing data governance (implicit and explicit) and provided recommendations and a roadmap to create improved data governance structures.


DT Global performed a literature review and series of consultations with UNHCR staff to identify current methods of creation and management of operational data standards (content, purpose, style, and organization) the Agency needs at its Headquarters, Regional Bureaus, and Country Offices.


Results included:

  • A mapping of current data on governance issues and practices in UNHCR. In coordination with field and regional staff engaged in data activities, gaps and inconsistencies in existing data governance practices were identified.
  • Proposed a revised and coherent approach to data governance in UNHCR. Ensured clarity on roles and procedures and a responsible use of data, in keeping with the goals and objectives of the Data Transformation Strategy.

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