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Climate Resilience

Environment & Infrastructure

DT Global’s Environment & Infrastructure practice works with governments and communities to create livable communities and cities.

DT Global has decades of experience delivering climate change adaption, mitigation, and resiliency services. We assist national governments, cities and communities, and multilateral institutions in developing high-quality climate change projects, including providing risk assessments and climate resilient infrastructure design. Building on our extensive experience in disaster recovery, we work hand-in-hand with local communities and institutions to increase resilience and promote disaster risk reduction. We scale sustainable technologies and support low-carbon climate resilient city design. We use dialogue and advocacy to strengthen policy and enhance cooperation with emerging economies to promote climate resilience and sustainable growth. In the some of the world’s most vulnerable environments, we have developed policies to achieve national adaptation goals, facilitated access to international sources of finance, and improved capacity to better manage and monitor resilience projects.

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We partner with governments, the private sector, foundations, NGOs, and civil society to deliver effective programming and transform lives.
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