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Solomon Islands: Improving the Quality and Accessibility of Economic Infrastructure

Solomon Islands Infrastructure Program (SIIP)


Poor infrastructure is a key constraint on the productive sectors that will drive economic growth in Solomon Islands as logging output continues to decline. These sectors include tourism, agriculture, fisheries, and mining. Estimates suggest that a 10 percent increase in a country’s infrastructure investment will contribute to an additional one percent of GDP growth over the long term.


The Solomon Islands Infrastructure Program (SIIP) supports the Solomon Islands’ national development objective of improving the social and economic livelihoods of all Solomon Islanders, and aligns with Australia’s Pacific Step-up, COVID-19 Development Response Plans, and the AIFFP. Governments, businesses, and the Solomon Islands community are expected to benefit from access to new and upgraded infrastructure that supports the local economy; provides opportunities for improved livelihoods; increases access to services; improves communication; and results in a more reliable, safer, and inclusive transport network.

The program uses economic infrastructure to contribute to broad-based, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth. In addition to economic infrastructure, SIIP focuses on transport (land, sea, and air), ICT, electricity, water and sanitation, and infrastructure-supporting rural development. These areas will help to drive growth and diversify the nation’s economy.

SIIP follows five guiding principles that form the foundation of the program and drive decision-making:

  • Alignment: offer alignment with Solomon Islands’ and Australian development objectives, with support provided in a way that does not displace other sources of public or private infrastructure investment.
  • Inclusivity: all activities will integrate considerations of gender, disability and geographical spread (rural/provincial).
  • Strengthening Climate Change and Disaster Resilience: through integrated approaches to infrastructure planning, design and delivery, including through-life-cycle cost assessments.
  • Local Content: supporting infrastructure delivery that optimises returns for the local economy, strengthens local industry, improves industry practices, and enhances workforce capacity and participation.
  • Safety and Quality: strengthening policies and practices, and providing tangible examples of quality construction, building standards, safe-use of infrastructure, environmental and social safeguards, and whole-of-life maintenance.

Goals and Results

The program's goal is to improve the quality and accessibility of economic infrastructure to contribute to broad based, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth in Solomon Islands. Expected results include:

  • Solomon Islands has enhanced capacity to plan, manage, finance, construct and maintain critical economic infrastructure.
  • Program has left legacy of high profile, resilient, and accessible infrastructure assets in a range of sectors across the country that support inclusive economic growth.
2021 - 2024
Implemented by
DT Global Asia Pacific
Solomon Islands
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