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Rural Development

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DT Global’s Economic Growth practice works with the public and private sectors to champion policies that transform communities while increasing sustainable economic opportunities.

DT Global works with rural communities to improve agriculture, food security, health, education, climate resilience, natural resource management, and economic futures. We provide technical assistance at the national and local levels to review and implement pro-poor policies, regulatory frameworks, and practices that support rural livelihoods while sustainably using and protecting natural resources. We promote rural economic development through market analysis and expansion; rural access to finance; value chain assessments; agricultural, horticultural, and cultural export promotion; and direct technical assistance to rural farmers, fishers, and small business owners. We support enabling policy work at a rural level and build local stakeholder and service provider capacity. By developing indigenous handicraft industries, and entrepreneurship in rural areas, we support employment of marginalized groups while preserving the historic, cultural, and ecological profiles of rural regions. Our team provides government and local community support to rural water and sanitation work, including building or rehabilitating rural water systems and maintenance systems to ensure sustainable safe water and sanitation.

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We partner with governments, the private sector, foundations, NGOs, and civil society to deliver effective programming and transform lives.
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