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Preventing and Countering Violent Extremist

Conflict Prevention, Stabilization & Transition

At DT Global, we implement evidence-based and impactful programming that prevents and counters violent extremism.

Violent extremism is an infectious source of instability in environments where groups are fractured and where government systems are weak, distrusted, or altogether absent. Actors such as Al-Shabaab, the Islamic State, and Al Qaeda are particularly adept at planting disinformation to prey on vulnerable societies. We counter violent extremism by collaborating with trusted local partners to conduct assessments, identify recruitment tools being used by violent extremists, and understand the rationale for social acceptance of these organizations. In doing so, we bring together the research methodologies

and the assessment frameworks needed to understand the tactics and ideologies violent extremist organizations use to exploit marginalized groups. We work with legitimate government actors, local partners across civil society, and the private sector to design and implement targeted, strategic initiatives to increase resilience against disinformation propagated by violent extremist organizations. Through methodologies such as social behavior change communication, we provide alternative messaging through credible local influencers, and strengthen local government and civil society to identify and protect those most vulnerable to recruitment and radicalization.

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