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Timor-Leste: Providing Architect and Facility Planning for Education Center of Excellence

Education Project Center of Excellence MCC Architect/Facility Planner


Education in Timor-Leste faces a number of constraints, including poor quality teaching due to lack of teacher training and professional development. The Government of Timor-Leste is focusing on building the capacity of schoolteachers and school leadership to better prepare secondary school students through the development of a Center of Excellence to provide secondary school training, leadership training, and professional development.


Implemented by DT Global, this project provides architecture and facility planning services that meet MCC’s technical and contractual requirements for the development of Timor-Leste’s Education Project to build the Center of Excellence for schoolteachers and school leadership. DT Global is conducting remote and on-site construction checks; monitoring adherence to environmental and social management, land acquisition and resettlement, waste management, and stakeholder engagement plans; and ensuring implementers have permits to start work. The project team is also overseeing adherence to the construction schedule, budget, and implementation plans; conducting quality assurance, quality control checks on materials and adherence to design specifications; advising on contract compliance; and managing cost proposals and change orders from the field.

By designing the Center of Excellence, MCC will improve pre-service, in-service education, and professional development for teachers and school leaders; increase the supply of highly qualified secondary teachers; and improve secondary school instruction, instructional leadership, school management, gender-sensitive pedagogy, and management practices.

Goals and Results

Results will include:

  • Provide architecture planning and facility planning to develop a Center of Excellence for Pre-Service Training for School Teachers and School Leaders.
  • Ensure construction is on schedule and budget and adheres to design specifications.
  • Conduct quality control and monitor adherence to environmental and social engagement plans.
2021 - 2025
Implemented by
DT Global US
Millennium Challenge Corporation
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