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The Philippines: Enabling Democratic Governance to Build a Peaceful, Cohesive and, Secure Bangsamoro

Subatra Justice and Society Project


The Project lays the foundation for sustainable, functional, responsive, and equitable justice. The challenge is equipping these formal and informal justice institutions with the tools and legislation to be able to resolve disputes and deliver justice in accordance with “the unique cultural and historical heritage of Bangsamoro” [Bangsamoro Organic Law]. Simultaneously, the Project works to include and build the capacity of civil society in order for it to contribute to a peaceful transition in the area.


The Project provides technical assistance and workshop to identify priority laws and provide inputs to said laws, technical assistance to draft priority laws, and technical assistance to identify boundaries of jurisdiction of the three justice systems, including laws and procedure for challenging/appealing decisions that may be violative of human rights, including through study tours. The Project will offer capacity development, customized trainings and manuals (e.g., design and publish manual on Barangay Justice System mindful of customary laws), and development of legal education curriculum. Finally, the Project will create mechanisms to address justice issues raised by communities.

Goals and Results

Objective 1: Raise the capacity of the multifaceted Bangsamoro Justice System to adjudicate legislation is enhanced and aligned with international human rights standard

  • Supporting the establishment and institutionalization of a legal and regulatory framework that will support the tri‐justice system and the transitional justice system.
  • Supporting the strengthening of an effective, efficient, and responsive justice sector of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (BARMM), which is envisioned to operate in a tri‐justice system consisting of the State (i.e., national government), Shari’a, and indigenous justice systems, as well as to contribute to a transitional justice system.
  • Strengthen the legal empowerment of the Bangsamoro people, particularly the women and indigenous people, to increase awareness of their rights and their ability to use the justice systems — both formal and informal, including transitional justice. This will also include the strengthening of organizations and citizens groups that can advocate for reform and protect citizen rights, while providing citizens with the necessary legal education and tools.

Objective 2: Enhance the of the capacity of civil society to contribute to a peaceful transition to the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (BARMM)

  • Enhancing CSO capacities to help mitigate risks towards a peaceful transition, including the promotion of access to justice.
  • Enhancing CSO capacities to become effective partners in service provision for human rights protection in conflict‐affected communities.
2022 - 2025
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