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Human Development

DT Global’s Human Development practice transforms outcomes for communities through advancements in education, health and nutrition services, and gender and social inclusion.

Gender and social inclusion are at the heart of our work. DT Global understands that individuals have unique needs, rights, and roles due to gender, class, ethnicity, disability, or sexual orientation. By understanding the complex nature of gender roles and social relations, we design activities that respond to the diverse range of needs and deliver inclusive benefits. We work with government, private sector, and civil society to integrate gender equality and women’s empowerment into political, economic, and environmental programming, including in conflict-affected regions.
Adapt at working in challenging environments and identifying context-specific solutions, our gender and social inclusion experts provide our partners with fresh, innovative approaches, maximizing equitable impact while contributing to transformative outcomes and sustainable change in gender and social relations. We also help communities, businesses, and governments to assess the social inclusion impact of their projects and investments, mitigate risks, and conceptualize and deliver investment initiatives for positive social impact, particularly in the infrastructure sector.

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We partner with governments, the private sector, foundations, NGOs, and civil society to deliver effective programming and transform lives.
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