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Rule of Law


DT Global’s Governance practice works with governments and civil society to build capacity, strengthen the rule of law, protect civil rights, and prevent conflict.

DT Global supports rule of law initiatives that build the capacity of the justice sector to provide equitable access to justice. We enable governments and civil society to protect human rights and ensure equal application of the law. We help to combat public sector corruption, train law enforcement and security sector officials, strengthen court administration, build correction services capacity, train attorneys, and enhance public accountability through advocacy and enforcement. Our global experts help our partners by supporting the improvement of the functioning of legislative and advisory bodies, improving efficiency of the justice and penal systems, and promoting independent and economically viable media sources and a culture of freedom of expression. Our programs support the most vulnerable members of society—including women, children, people with disabilities, and minority groups—and work towards universal access to legal protection.

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We partner with governments, the private sector, foundations, NGOs, and civil society to deliver effective programming and transform lives.
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